From Feb. 20th

Hello all!

It was great to get back to rehearsing this week.  We are making great progress. Thank you for a really good rehearsal.

This week we will not be having sectionals so will have a full 2 hour rehearsal.

We will continue work on

Jupiter (the indicated opening tempo of 126 is really fast) Please work toward 100.  This is more realistic tempo.

Among the Clouds (please work especially on the syncopated figures (like the ones that occur at 70) Please continue to work from 102 on.  This is a very syncopated section requiring confident part independence. Working with the metronome on these parts will really help.  The indicated tempo of 152 is very fast so maybe start at about 100 and gradually work up from there.

Jitterbug We will continue into the slower middle section and hopefully the faster ending section

World War 1 medley Please have a look at Section T (Keep the home fires burning)

Hopefully we will have some time to get back to working on the following selections


Whispers from Beyond..

Golliwog’s Cakewalk

El Camino Real (Hopefully we can resurrect this and perform it when we go to the Perley)

Here is a note about

Band Shirts

Final date to order and pay for a band shirt is this coming Wednesday, February 27th.    

Cost:  Cotton T-Shirt = $20.00

Polyester Golf Shirt = $35.00

Cotton Golf Shirt = $45.00

Payment:  Kindly provide cash or a cheque made out to ONHB when you place your order.

Shirts should arrive by the 3rd week of March.

Please see Gail this coming Wednesday if you are interested in purchasing a band shirt.


Also we are looking into the possibility of rescheduling a rehearsal during March break week (when we were not originally scheduled to rehearse) in order to partially make up for the 2 weeks we missed because of bad weather.

We could have access to Woodroffe United Church, however we would have a bit of a challenge sharing percussion equipment with the Riverside Rondos.

Another option was presented at last week’s rehearsal, scheduling a rehearsal for Friday Mar. 8th at Brookfield HS.  Could you please let me know your availability for both of these dates by responding to the survey at this link.

RC Rehearsal availability

Thank you!