Final Rehearsal April 11

Great dress rehearsal, everyone!  We are ready for our debut on stage at Woodroffe United Church (NOT Brookfield HS) on Sunday, April 15.  Parking is limited, so please plan to drop off your instrument, stand, music, and any food/beverage contributions, and then park at the school next door, the mall, or street parking across Woodroffe Ave.  We hope to leave the Woodroffe UC parking lot open for our concert guests.

Please mark your stands with your name, and an identifying ribbon or tape, so you can easily find your stand after the three jazz bands have performed using your music stands…. they may move around the stage a bit.

We play at 4 pm, but will meet beforehand in the choir room (South-West end of building), and leave our cases on the wall to the right (another band is on the left wall).

The choir room is available to JJB for warming up at 1:30 pm.  Lets meet with Kyle to warm up  together at 2:45. (Cathy, and those of us who are playing in a concert band between 2 – 3:15  will already be warmed up!)

We will all take our instruments and music stands and line up in the corridor at 3:15, ready to take the stage for our ONHB 10th anniversary group photo in the Sanctuary.  Please wait quietly in the hall, in case the Rideau Cadences are still playing their final piece, and do not enter the stage area until all RC members are off stage and the chairs are quickly cleared away for the photo.

Following the photo, we will quickly exit the stage, and our stage crew (Dylan, Kyle and Stuart) will place the chairs, stands, the drum kit, vibes, etc. (3 rows of 8, plus a chair near the drum kit for bass guitar, and electric keyboard).  At 3:50 we will take our places and warm up together.  Please do not play after the guided warm up… just relax, breath, and prepare to enjoy the tunes!

Finally, in contemplating what we might wear for fun in the final number, I looked at a Chicago performance from 1970, and it is obvious

Too late for some of us to grow our hair to our shoulders (and we haven’t rehearsed shaking our heads from side to side either) so, if you wish to pull out a hat or sunglasses, or turn up your collar for 25 or 6 to 4, go ahead!

I hope you have enjoyed this first session of Jumpin’ Jazz Band as much as Kyle and I have!  What a team effort!  Enjoy the music on Sunday, and hope to see many of you on April 24, as we continue to explore jazz with Kyle!  (Cathy is heading to Ireland for this session!)

Here is the overview for the concert, updated yet again!



Set up crew get into the church Sanctuary and percussion cupboard with the permission of Dave, to begin set-up (avoid Banquet Hall area and move carefully in hallways –  church lunch until 1 pm)


Volunteers leave refreshments on tables near kitchen

Small table two chairs set up for donations 

BB Choir room  1pm  to store cases on one wall (to left) warm up instruments, then proceed to Sanctuary at 1:20, for warm up on stage from 1:25 – 1:45

EE- Friendship room (store cases, then warm up in Sanctuary from 1 – 1:20)*bring music stands

CC- Scout Hall (store cases on one wall, to left)

RC– Lower Hall (store cases, etc on one side, leave other side for TBA

JJB- Choir room (store cases on right wall, warm up)

DJB- Lower Hall (store cases right wall, warm up, 

TBA- Scout Hall (store cases on same wall, to right)


Four concert bands perform, BB, EE, CC, RC

All bands will be photographed from the balcony immediately after they stand and the band leader bows.  Watch for signal 3-2-1, freeze and smile!


Picture of all ONHB members, seated in the first few rows of pews with instruments, RC on floor, Jazz Bands on stage, photo taken from balcony

Donations by band members are made available to audience members in the hallway corridor (four tables at side for juice/water and treats)


Set-up for the jazz bands, order:  JJB, DJB, TBA

All bands will be photographed from the balcony immediately after they stand and the band leader bows.  Watch for signal 3-2-1, freeze and smile!


Three jazz bands perform, while the food is set up in Banquet Hall by non-musician volunteers and concert band volunteers, led by Holly

5:00- 6:15

Hor D’oeuvres available for all, while the sanctuary is restored by stage crew volunteers from Jazz Bands, percussionists from Concert Bands. Cake photo with all band leaders 5:15 in Banquet Hall.


All people and equipment out of the church