February 27th, 2018

Hello Everyone!

What we did:

EE:  77, 95, 96, 100, 101

Pieces: We are starting to get full run throughs of the pieces. Congrats!

Nottingham castle: remember too look closely at the dynamics so we have contrast especially when it goes from p to f or the other way around. Detached and slurred notes need to sound different to exaggerate the contrast.

You must know: Listen to the one! We are still going under tempo so counting and clapping helps to isolate the rhythm, then you can move onto playing the rhythm on one note. Use a metronome or a friend who can count in time to  help you! Counting and clapping works well in a group, but is still useful alone. Keep an eye on the accents and differentiate between short (^) and long (>).

Celtic air and the Tempest are coming along very well! Listen for the most important part and play under it (if you can’t hear the melody then you are playing too loud). Remember where the tempo changes! Either Faster, Brisk, or loco all result in a quicker tempo.

Next week: 2 hour band rehearsal in Music Room! 

EE: 90, 91, 97,  102-113

All pieces: work on what you find difficult!

Important dates:

ONHB Concert April 15

Retirement home concert possible dates: April 17 or April 24

Ideas for retirement homes: Perley-Rideau, Oakpark, St.Vincent’s

See you next week!