February 21 – Jumpin’ Jazz

February 21 Rehearsal
Excellent rehearsal everyone!  It was great to run many of our pieces all the way through 🙂
Rehearsal 6
Wind sectional focus:
My Dinner with Ronald, measures 29 -53. We changed the rhythm in measures 3 and 51 beat 3 ii s a dotted quarter and last note in measure becomes an eighth.
Jammin’ with Charlie measures 51-52  (only play 4 articulations in measure 52, as the last two notes are tied into one longer syncopated note starting on the “and of 2”.
All solo section backgrounds are played second time only, and piano (soft).
Rhythm section focus:
Solo Sections: communicate with each other, allow for open space, respond to the soloists with little “diddies.”  Guitar/piano = experiment with different comping rhythms that are not on the page.  Bass = keep working on connecting your notes (using different fingers, sliding quickly).  Drums = set ups on syncopations, changing the cymbal or “sound” for each solo.
Auxiliary Percussion: communicate with each other on who is playing what during each section; listen to band and adjust what instrument you play based on the dynamic and tone of the section.  Go on YouTube and look for “basic conga patterns” (or bongo) and you will definitely find some extra videos on the patterns we went over.
Full band:
Frankenstein (run through) – keep working on rhythms after solos
It Don’t Mean a Thing (run through) – we need to bump up the tempo and shorten our notes overall
My Dinner with Ronald
Jammin’ with Charlie
Soloing: Many of brave souls have been soloing for us 🙂 if you would like to improvise or play a written solo, please do not hesitate to tell us.  It seems like the fear of soloing is slowing going down!  Hopefully everyone gets a chance to try soloing in the coming weeks and then we can narrow down who would like to solo for the concert.
Social: We had a great time at “Hometown Sports” after rehearsal!  We should organize an even bigger outing this month if folks are up for it.
See everyone next week!
(Have a great month of March everyone!