February 20,2018

Hello Everyone!

What we did:

EE: 119, 121,123,126 + rhythms.


Nottingham castle- We got a full run through of this one! Make sure that the detached notes and the slurred notes are different. Because there is contrast we need to exaggerate it. 2x only means that you only play when a section is repeated… please be mindful of this because it also creates contrast.

Celtic Air and dance- This one is coming along great! We are not too far away from our goal speed and it is only week 6! Work on the tricky parts of this one with a metronome and slowly crank up the speed. Start at 60 and work your way up at your own pace. (there are great free metronome apps and one online if you do not want to purchase one)

Next week: 2 hour band rehearsal in Music Room! 

EE:  77, 95, 96, 100, 101

All pieces: work on what you find difficult!

See you next week!