February 14 Capital Crescendos band Notes

Capital Crescendos February 14 – yummy cake to celebrate 5 years!

First hour was in our clinics, where warm up was done Repertoire Hymn to Freedom

This essentially served as a warm-up.  Important to note that bar 64 (6 bars from the end), where there is a fermata, we will have a cut off, so put some train tracks there.  And note that the low brass have a triplet on the fourth beat of that bar.  We will work more on this piece next week.

Working at a tempo of 90.

There are lots of examples of this on the internet – listen to some done by choirs to get the sense of the rhythm and feel of the piece, as well as our link.

The Entertainer

Sheila talked about the development of Ragtime, and its relationship to jazz.  Scott Joplin wrote this piece over 100 years ago, and for a while, it fell out of popularity for playing, but reemerged in the 70s.  As a warm up for this piece, we played the B flat concert scale, first just quarter notes, straight, and then again, with an emphasis on every second note.  Unlike our usual pieces, where the down beat is critical, for ragtime and jazz, the emphasis is on beats two and four.

Still looking for a good link, but there are lots of versions on the internet and this arrangement is quite true to the original.

In the first three bars, the last quarter note is short, as different instruments pick up the rhythm so you need to be out of the way of the next group coming in.  In Bar 4, the note on the third beat is an attack.

Pay attention to the “road map”.  At the bottom of the page is DS to bar 37, end at Fine (bar 52).

Take note of key changes at bar 53, and again at bar 69.

We played this at tempo 100 but will move to 116 next week.  It is a good idea to practice at under tempo for a while to get the music right and move up to tempo slowly.

Willow Tree

Again, this is one to listen to.  We don’t want to rush the melody and we want to get the timing correctly.  After an interesting introduction, oboes start with the melody in bar 6.  This 4 bar phrase gets passed around different instruments, so listen for it, and don’t overwhelm those with it.

Tempo of 72

Washington Post March (from Traditions of Excellence Book p 36)

A quick read through.  Tempo is 6/8 but rather than count 123 456, usually counted in two (it’s a march – left- right, left-right), with a dotted quarter being one beat.

Next Rehearsal – 2 hours together, no clinics

We will continue working on Washington Post, the Entertainer, Willow Tree and Hymn to Freedom

Music Links –

  1. Hymn to Freedom. https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=10759013
  2. Best of Queen. https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=2476683
  3. The Willow Tree. https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=10910764 3. Bazaar. https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=10790908 4. Salute to Louis Armstrong.  https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=2476687


Downloading an app to help with listening and practising.  For those who have an iPhone or iPad, you can download Voice Record from the iStore.  This allows you to download the links on to your phone or iPad so you can listen easily while walking, busing or contemplating.  You are also able to slow down the tempo of the pieces so you can practice with them, speeding up to tempo as you get the notes, phrasing, and dynamics locked in.  A sheet on how to use this was provided by Sandy Wilkes (Bass Guitar) and will be on the desk for the next few weeks, if you want to consult it.  For other phones (Android), Sandy McIntyre (alto sax) told us about an app called AudiPo which we believe will provide the same capacities.

Band Shirts: Final date to order and pay for band shirts – FEBRUARY 28th

Sample shirts will be at rehearsals in February to try on for size.

Cost – T -shirt $20, Polyester Golf shirt $35 and Cotton Golf Shirt $45.  Correct change would be appreciated.

Payment – pay on the day you order with cash or a cheque made out to ONHB.

The order will be placed March 1st and shirt should arrive in 2-3 weeks. See Kathryn or Danielle at break.

Community Concert – Villa Marconi was proposed as a venue for our community concert.  Gail Taillon (Flute) kindly offered to phone and see if this was feasible.  Other suggestions also welcome – speak with Sheila or Kathryn

Next social – Planning an after rehearsal get together at Colonnade Pizza on Carling at Woodruffe on February 28 – to be confirmed next week.

Important Dates to Remember

February 28 – last day to order and pay for a band shirt.

March 14 – No Band Rehearsal

April 11 – Tentative Community Concert – TBD – venue and time – Suggestions are welcome and should be forwarded to Sheila or Kathryn.

April 14 – Spring Concert – Woodroffe United Church. Time to be determined