Feb. 6th-Feb. 13th

Feb. 6th..we had a great rehearsal in spite of the nasty weather. Hopefully this week’s predicted storm will be over before Wed. evening.
We warmed up with #139 and #149 in the sound Innovations book.   We did work on Golliwog’s Cakewalk, especially focussing on light articulation and sudden dynamic contrasts, and breathing in time to get in right after a 16th rest.
We also worked on the 3/4 section in Jupiter (48) and then did a little bit of work from the beginning of the piece.  In Jupiter and other arrangements of orchestral repertoire, often the upper winds are expected to be able to do what the strings normally would be doing.  This sometimes requires modifying the given articulation toward a more legato style in order to play at tempo and with fluidity.
We did work on Among the clouds (up until measure 75) this went very well.
We ran out of time to get much done on Jitterbug, but the plunger mute part is coming very well.
This week Feb. 13th we will start with the first two sections of the World War One Medley. (It’s a long way to Tipperary and Over there).  (this medley will be especially good for our concert at the Perley in April)
I would like to continue to work on Among the Clouds especially focussing on the section from 42-to about 122.
We will work on making the 8th note sections that are passed between clarinet and flute very smooth and seamless. We will also work on matching articulation on the syncopated melody that is passed between sections throughout this part of the piece.
On Jitterbug we will spend some time getting more comfortable on the first section, and then hopefully have some time to spend on the slower middle section and maybe even the faster final section beginning at 102.
If all goes well we will have a bit of time to continue our work on Jupiter and maybe even Abracadabra, but with only one hour to work together, we may not be able to get to all of this.
We will be working with clinicians in the second half of the rehearsal once again this week.  Some sections have had the opportunity to work with a few different clinicians.  Each clinician brings a little different approach and musical  expertise to the table and hopefully presents a few new ideas toward achieving our musical goals.
Feb. 13
Flute Diana                              RM 110  RR/RC
Oboe/Bassoon oboe with flutes/bassoon with low brass
Clarinet &    Bass Clarinet Michael                              RM 114  RR/RC
Sax Michael                              RM 114  RR/RC
Horn with trumpets library
Trumpet Nicole                       Library RC (add french horn)
Low Brass Colin                             Staff Room /RC  add bassoon
Perc Dom                              RR Music Room/RC Stage

Have a good week!