EE: 28 November

Hello Elgin Encores,

Please read the email in full to acquaint yourselves with what is happening Tuesday and for the concert.





-There will be a social BEFORE band on 05 December at Broadway bar & Grill (1896 Prince of Wales Dr).  BB & EE combined at 4:15.

-If you play an upper woodwind please use your own stand so that larger instruments and percussion have less to lug around.

Full band:  MUSIC ROOM from 6:30-7:30PM.

                   STAGE from 7:45-8:45PM.

Refreshments: Room 142 (Staff Room) from 7:30-7:45PM.




Sunday in a week: (!) Concert: Sunday 10 December, 2-4:15PM at Brookfield High School.  Refreshments until 5:10.  Elgin Encores performs around 2:20PM (after BB).  Individual warmup and tuning at 1:15PM in the music room (we have it booked at 1:15), and general warmup at 1:30.

Concert refreshments: Musicians are invited to donate finger food on a paper plate or other ready-to-serve manner (fruit, cookies, squares, cheese and crackers, etc.) or a beverage (non-alcoholic…. we don’t have a permit!)


concert dress: black on black, or ONH shirt, with Christmas accessories (red, white, green, scarves, antlers, decorated euphoniums, etc.).


Regarding concert pieces; due to our choice pieces exceeding 15 minutes, we have had to take the scissors out…in order to perform a variety of musical styles at the show, here is what we will be playing, and in this order:

Treasure Hunt (Buccaneer Suite, movement 3

Phantom of the Opera*

All I Want for Christmas Is You

*as we are not playing Bucc m.2, let’s have flugelhorns only for the first few bars of trumpet entry in [All I Ask of You].  Also I may need one of you flugels to play 3rd tpt in Bucc 3.


Stands are not needed on stage (we have stands from the stage and the music room) but collapsible stands will be needed in the warm up rooms, and can stay there with cases, coats, boots. Valuables should not be left in the warm up rooms.  Keep the music room as clear as possible (stow items under the table or in the small warm up rooms annexed to the music room) as other bands will be waiting in there afterwards.

Musicians will go onstage from music room 152, and should enter from the North –  stage right (from conductors POV) and please wait for a signal that everything is set up. Chairs and stands are stored on the other side, so do not use this entrance unless absolutely necessary.

Exit from both sides (stairs both sides plus ramp to left) into the audience, where musicians may enjoy the remainder of the concert.


Second term concert date: Sunday 15 April, afternoon time TBD at Woodroffe United Church.

Spring Band concert date: Tuesday 12 June, evening time TBD, at Woodroffe United Church


There is a notice on our website that says that registration opens on December 11.  That’s for the general public, but ONHB members have a chance to register first and are encouraged to do so before December 11.   Please note that the board has approved a new policy on withdrawal and refunds.  Details can be found here.

Band notes are posted on the website at:



This week (week 12):

Whispers from Beyond

All I Want for Christmas is You

Phantom of the Opera

Buccaneer Suite m. 2 (if time)

Buccaneer Suite m. 3

Phantom of the Opera

All I Want for Christmas is You

Please keep all term 1 pieces in your folders for next term.



Buccaneer Suite

Phantom of the Opera

All I Want for Christmas is You