EE: 27 November 2018

Hi Elgin Encores:

(Oops forgot to post these over the weekend!)

Some reminders below; no real news!  Mind the freezing rain.

Regular spot this week (stage); music room on the 10th!

  1. Performance order:
  2. The Cat’s Pajamas
  3. All About that Bass
  4. Postcard from England
  5. I am the Doctor

-Our concert is Sunday 16 December from 1-5pm.

-We play at 2PM; so warm up in the library at 12:45PM.

-Please plan to car pool, and park at the back of the parking lot after dropping off equipment.

-Refreshment sign up sheets (for concert day) are coming!  Please contribute J

-We could also use a few people to help our stage manager with chairs on the day of the show.  Please let us know if you are willing to help Felicia!

-Use the front door to enter the school ONLY.  You may exit through any door but must enter through Brookfield’s main entrance.

-If it snows or becomes muddy, bring a change of shoes so that we don’t leave a trail throughout the school hallways.

-Our concert is Sunday 16 December at 1PM.  There is an intermission at 3PM and the concert is scheduled to finish around 5pm.  (EE warms up at 12:45PM in the library, and plays at 2pm)

-The Spring concert is Sunday 14 April.

-Registration for winter opens for all internals on 01 December and opens to new registrants on 11 December.  This runs until 31 December or until bands reach capacity.  The registration form will be found here.

  1. Rehearsal

Rehearsal Order


The Cat’s Pajamas

All About that Bass

Postcard from England

I am the Doctor


Sight Read 3 pieces for the joy of it


Music in the Dark (read through – warm up)

The Cat’s Pajamas

I am the Doctor

I am the Doctor

Postcard from England

All About that Bass

The Cat’s Pajamas

All About that Bass by Kevin Kadish and Meghan Trainor, arranged by Paul Murtha

Cat’s Pajamas (The) by Pierre La Plante

I am the Doctor by Murray Gold, arranged by Robert Buckley

Music in the Dark arranged by Danny Elfman, arranged by Johnnie Vinson

Postcard from England by Robert Buckley

Oceanscapes by Rob Romeyn