EE: 27 March 2018

Hello and Happy Easter!


The voting was very tight with each of this term’s pieces scoring around 24 votes.

Here is what I’d like to do to make the best of what each one offers:

March of the Trolls starting at bar 55 (where Anne-Marie/Piero/oboes play melody)






Moment: altos – melody throughout as we are taking it faster.

Windjammer: I’d like to take the “slower” sections a bit faster (i.e. beginning).

-Upper Woodwinds: bar 29 (this bar is a gem to be polished)

-Clarinets/all saxophones:

*bar 38 (this bar is a gem to be polished),

*also 39-43 to avoid rushing,

*also 195-199 (123-123, 123-123)

-Trumpets please practise your solis; entries are still late or early.

-Horn/Euph/Altos/Tenors: 148-151

-All brass and percussion: the faster bits.  Brass lead these parts; care to remain steady.

Felicia may join us on sax and Cathy on Horn.  Please leave two seats for horns between baritone saxophones and trumpets (like we did in the music room).


Second term concert date: Sunday 15 April, (Concert Bands 2:00  Photo of all ONHB band leaders and musicians 3:30  Jazz Band 4 pm) at Woodroffe United Church.

At the moment, the plan is for EE to meet in the Sanctuary at 1PM.  Please arrive around 12:50PM (not too early as people will be setting up chairs)

Volunteers Needed!

  1. Set-up: 2 people needed from each band (including us!) between 12:30PM and up to 7PM to help Felicia set up and restore the space, as well as sort chairs between bands.


  1. Wranglers: 3:15 to 3:40PM volunteers to help move bands into place for a picture.


  1. People to bring cookies/biscuits: need 3 people!


  1. People to bring juice/pop/soda/fizzy drinks: need 3 people!

  1. Food organisers: cocktail food set up after the break: need a few people!


Please reply with name, email, and phone number.  Thank you!

Band notes are posted on the website at:

Volunteer concert: Wednesday 25 April, 7:30PM, Oakpark Retirement Residence (2 Valour Dr).  

Spring Band concert date: Tuesday 12 June, evening sharing concert for Spring Concert Band, Ireland Band, possibly Jazz Bands.  Woodroffe United Church,  (time to be announced, probably 6:45 – 8:45 pm)


April 3rd Rehearsal order:

149-153 in the EE book


Buccaneer Suite 1 (tentative)


Trolls (middle-end)


April 10th Dress Rehearsal

149-153 in the EE book

Take Me Home, Country Roads


Invicta (read-through)

Whispers from Beyond (read-through)

Phantom of the Opera (middle-end)

Trolls (middle-end)



What to bring:

-music stand (especially if you play flute, oboe, and clarinet.  Priority of on-site stands go to large instruments like bass and bari sax)

-Essential Elements Book 2 (St. John’s is likely not to be there, but you can share with a bandmate I am sure.)

-Water cloth (to empty water on for brass instruments)

-a pencil (important!)

-term 1 music (eventually)  We will combine both term’s music for the extra volunteer show

-Indoor shoes are recommended to leave a good impression.

-Toothbrush opt. (please remember to rinse out your mouth before playing to avoid nutrient+moisture buildup in your instruments…)

6:30-7:30          Full band:  STAGE

7:30-7:45          Refreshments in Room 142 (Staff room)

7:45-8:45          Full band:  STAGE



March of the Trolls

How Does a Moment Last Forever


The Beatles: 1964!