EE: 26 November 2019

Hello, Elgin Encores,

Forecast of snow for Tuesday morning but hopefully our afternoon is unhindered.

We don’t have the time to play Windjammer at the show but some of Star Trek could fly!  (fly..get it?)

Show pieces:

-An Interstellar Introduction (Star Trek: Through the Generations) (bars 17-62, 108-end) (2m)

-Moana (5m)

-80s Gold (2m)

-Fiddler on the Roof (6m) (Jump from 152 to 168) (we will put the funky bass line back in)

See attached Fiddler practice file for the beginning (Trumpets and Trombones).



  1. General

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Sunday 15 Dec Concert Bands concert at Brookfield HS 

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76 Trbs

Night on Bald Mountain



Elf Dance

Star Trek

Fiddler on the Roof

Secret Agent Sugar Plum

76 Trbs

Nessun Dorma



Fiddler on the Roof

80s Gold


Star Trek



Selections from Moana, arranged by Jay Bocook


Fiddler on the Roof; words by Sheldon Harnick; music by Jerry Bock; arranged by Calvin Custer


Eighties Gold, arranged by Michael Brown


Star Trek: Through the Generations, arranged by Robert W. Smith


Windjammer by Robert Buckley