EE: 26 February

Hi all,

We are into full band rehearsal mode now.  See James Bond edits (new) below.

We also enough turnout to run a rehearsal on Tuesday 12 March in the Sanctuary of Woodroffe United Church.  What a treat location!

About our shows:

-Sunday 07 April at 2PM: Oakpark Retirement Community Volunteer Show

-Sunday 14 April at 1PM (TBC): ONH show.


THIS WEEK (includes term 1 music)

James Bond

Alternate James Bond sight-read

Earth Song

The Cat’s Pajamas

All About that Bass


Danny Elfman


Postcard from England

I am the Doctor


NEXT WEEK (Woodroffe United Church)


(TBA, really, but…)



Alternate James Bond  or James Bond (TBA)



Second half may be sight-reads or more term 1 music


EDITS (summary)


Festivity: instead of playing 133, jump to 147.

Earth Song: instead of playing 44, jump to 9.  Then instead of playing 17 a second time, jump to 44.

James Bond: instead of playing 53 jump to 61; instead of playing 85, jump to 109 (to try)





Acclaim by Rob Grice

 Earth Song by Frank Ticheli

Festivity by James Curnow

Fireflies by Adam Young, arr. John Wasson

007 A James Bond Medley by Marty Gold

Propulsion by Robert Buckley


All About that Bass by Kevin Kadish and Meghan Trainor, arranged by Paul Murtha

Cat’s Pajamas (The) by Pierre La Plante

I am the Doctor by Murray Gold, arranged by Robert Buckley

Music in the Dark arranged by Danny Elfman, arranged by Johnnie Vinson

Postcard from England by Robert Buckley

Oceanscapes by Rob Romeyn