EE: 25 September

Hello Elgin Encores,

Thanks for a great second rehearsal! This weekend we look at offbeats!


1. General

2. Sectionals

3. Rehearsal Order and Recordings

1. General

-We will set up on the Stage this Tuesday.

-Bring $2 contributions for snacks; can be deposited at the break in the staff room.

-Jackie is once again EE band rep! Congrats!

OFFBEATS! Some offbeats (contre-temps) are becoming onbeats in the Beetlejuice section of Music in the Dark. Attached are practice files to work your offbeats, geared towards those that usually get them (clarinets 2-3, saxophones, and low brass).

In the sheet music, you’ll notice three rhythms at the bottom. Start by playing through the first rhythm, and then the second, and then the third, and then the written notes in your part.

When I get long swathes of offbeats, I fill in the space with either a breath, a movement (arms, belly, etc.), or I listen for the strong beat in another part (normally percussion, basses, and bari sax).

2. Sectionals

TENORS: Malcolm in 115 for 35 mins then go to Adrian in staff room. Work Cat’s Pajamas & New Piece

TROMBONES: Adrian in staff room for 35 mins then go to Malcolm in 115. Work A.A.T.Bass (& New Piece if time)


3. Rehearsal Order


The Cat’s Pajamas (clarinet & tenor sax practice)

New Piece

I am the Doctor

Music in the Dark


The Cat’s Pajamas (clarinet & tenor sax practice)

All About that Bass (trombone & alto practice)

New Piece (brass & perc practice, woodwinds with metronome)

Postcard from England (clarinet & flute practice)

I am the Doctor

All About that Bass by Kevin Kadish and Meghan Trainor, arranged by Paul Murtha

Cat’s Pajamas (The) by Pierre La Plante

I am the Doctor by Murray Gold, arranged by Robert Buckley

Music in the Dark arranged by Danny Elfman, arranged by Johnnie Vinson

Postcard from England by Robert Buckley