EE: 23 October

Hi everyone:


  1. Reminder that theAGMis tomorrow.  (I will see you Tuesday, though)
  2. Please listen to our recordings.  To start,hereis Postcard from England.



Rehearsal Order


THIS WEEK (full band both hours on stage)

Fall spirit day: wear autumn colours!

Postcard from England

The Cat’s Pajamas

I am the Doctor



Music in the Dark


NEXT WEEK (full band both hours)

Music in the Dark

All About that Bass

I am the Doctor




All About that Bass by Kevin Kadish and Meghan Trainor, arranged by Paul Murtha

Cat’s Pajamas (The) by Pierre La Plante

I am the Doctor by Murray Gold, arranged by Robert Buckley

Music in the Dark arranged by Danny Elfman, arranged by Johnnie Vinson

Postcard from England by Robert Buckley

Oceanscapes by Rob Romeyn