EE: 21 March

Hello Elgin Encores,


Yet to be completely organiz/sed, but possible concert pieces have been narrowed to:
El Camino Real (surely)
Donkey Riding
French Canadian Folksongs (likely m. 1 and 2)
Morning Train (likely)

This coming week’s order:

Donkey Riding
El Camino Real (beginning focus)

Morning Train
French Canadian Folksongs




EE and ONH Official Concert: Sun April 9th, 3 – 5pm at DC Church
It will be great to showcase all our hard work on El Camino Real.

Our Seniors Home concert will be April 25th at Oakpark Retierment Residence. Expect a rehearsal (all welcome) the Tuesday beforehand.

A Spring Concert Band at DC is taking shape. More details when I get any.