EE: 21 February

Hello Elgin Encores,
Thanks for braving the weather last Tuesday and what contrasting weather this week!  Here are some items for the week:



(refresher) From the email blast: Ireland Performance Trip!

Ireland!  In our email blast of January 16, 2017, we told you about plans in the works for a performance trip to Ireland in June of 2018.  We are pleased to announce that the date has now been set as June 18 – 30.  The trip will include lots of sightseeing, as well as several opportunities to perform as a group.  For more details and registration, click here.   For a printable brochure, click here.

Although the travel company will require a deposit by credit card or cheque to reserve a spot if you register, no payment is actually cashed until we have reached a minimum of 30 participants, AND we have confirmed that we have a viable band among them in terms of instrumentation.

There will be information sessions on Tuesday, March 28 at 5:15 and 6:30 at Dominion Chalmers with a representative from the travel agency who will be able to answer questions about the trip.


This coming week’s order:

Scottish Ballade (warm up)

The Adventure Begins (Term 1)

Donkey Riding (ending)

El Camino Real (ending)**

**refer to last week for a practice file.


Flutes/Oboe/Clarinets-Angela, rm 7

Saxes/percussion-Kyle, rm 15 (upstairs)

Trumpets-Malcolm H., Woodside Hall

hns/Lowbrass/bass-Adrian, rm 17 (upstairs)


Have a great weekend,




This term’s pieces


New Horizons


Morning Train (arr. Vinson, no concert band sound file)


Donkey Riding
Scottish Ballade


French Canadian Folksongs (no clear sound file)


Last term’s pieces


Mack the Knife arranged by Jack Bullock


The Adventure Begins by Matt Conaway

Counting Stars arranged by Matt Conaway

On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss, by David Holsinger


Kinesis by Michael Sweeney


El Camino Real by Alfred Reed, arranged by Robert Longfields


Salvation is Created by Tschesnokoff