EE: 20 March 2018

Hello Elginencunians,

3 rehearsals to go! Think about what you’d like to play for our 2nd and 3rd piece for the show. (not necessarily in that order)
Windjammer is coming along well and really shows a great product of our effort.

Following this, we can do:

-How Does a Moment Last Forever

-Trolls (we can also do half of trolls and tag it after another piece if time permits; Moment and Louie are fairly short)

-Louie, Louie



Windjammer add-ins for Alto and Tenor Saxophone

Altos: Instead of the eighth rest, write: 104: E, 108: E, 112: D (all in the staff, upper notes)

Tenors: Instead of the eighth rest, write: 104: A, 108: A, 112: G (all above the staff)

Euph/Horn: leave as is, otherwise it goes high.

Band notes are posted on the website at:

Second term concert date: Sunday 15 April, (Concert Bands 2:00 Photo of all ONHB band leaders and musicians 3:20 – 3:40 Jazz Band 4 pm) at Woodroffe United Church.

Volunteer concert: Wednesday 25 April, 7:30PM, Oakpark Retirement Residence (2 Valour Dr).

Spring Band concert date: Tuesday 12 June, evening sharing concert for Spring Concert Band, Ireland Band, possibly Jazz Bands. Woodroffe United Church, (time to be announced, probably 6:45 – 8:45 pm)


March 27th Rehearsal order:

Louie, Louie

Buccaneer Suite 2

Buccaneer Suite 3


Beatles 1964

How Does a Moment Last Forever (we will take this faster)

Whispers from Beyond


Phantom of the Opera

April 3rd

I’m a Believer

Take Me Home, Country Roads


Trolls or Beatles or Louie Louie or Moment

Buccaneer Suite 1 (tentative)


Whispers from Beyond

What to bring:

-music stand (especially if you play flute, oboe, and clarinet. Priority of on-site stands go to large instruments like bass and bari sax)

-Essential Elements Book 2 (St. John’s is likely not to be there, but you can share with a bandmate I am sure.)

-Water cloth (to empty water on for brass instruments)

-a pencil (important!)

-term 1 music (eventually) We will combine both term’s music for the extra volunteer show

-Indoor shoes are recommended to leave a good impression.

-Toothbrush opt. (please remember to rinse out your mouth before playing to avoid nutrient+moisture buildup in your instruments…)

6:30-7:30 Full band: STAGE

7:30-7:45 Refreshments in Room 142 (Staff room)

7:45-8:45 Full band: STAGE




March of the Trolls

How Does a Moment Last Forever

The Beatles: 1964!

Louie, Louie


Buccaneer Suite

Phantom of the Opera

Whispers from Beyond


I’m a Believer