EE: 20 February 2018

Hi Elgin Encores,


Take care with the freezing rain.    We are on the stage from hereon; two hours.




Second term concert date: Sunday 15 April, (Concert Bands 2:00  Photo of all ONHB band leaders and musicians 3:20 – 3:40  Jazz Band 4 pm) at Woodroffe United Church.

Volunteer concert: Wednesday 25 April, 7:30PM, Oakpark Retirement Residence (2 Valour Dr).  

Spring Band concert date: Tuesday 12 June, evening sharing concert for Spring Concert Band, Ireland Band, possibly Jazz Bands.  Woodroffe United Church,  (time to be announced, probably 6:45 – 8:45 pm)




This coming week’s order (two hours full band):
Louie, Louie


Beatles 1964

Invicta (Sem. 1)

Phantom of the Opera (Sem. 1)


Next week’s order:


Take Me Home, Country Roads

Whispers from Beyond

Invicta [Altos look over middle slower part]


I’m a Believer


Reminder: there is NO rehearsal on 13 March.  Look over Windjammer for the 20th.



What to bring:

-music stand (especially if you play flute, oboe, and clarinet.  Priority of on-site stands go to large instruments like bass and bari sax)

-Essential Elements Book 2 (St. John’s is likely not to be there, but you can share with a bandmate I am sure.)

-Water cloth (to empty water on for brass instruments)

-a pencil (important!)

-term 1 music (eventually)  We will combine both term’s music for the extra volunteer show


-Indoor shoes are recommended to leave a good impression.

-Toothbrush opt. (please remember to rinse out your mouth before playing to avoid nutrient+moisture buildup in your instruments…)


6:30-7:30          Full band:  STAGE


7:30-7:45          Refreshments in Room 142 (Staff room)


7:45-8:45          Full band:  STAGE








March of the Trolls


How Does a Moment Last Forever


The Beatles: 1964!


Louie, Louie




Buccaneer Suite

Phantom of the Opera

Whispers from Beyond


I’m a Believer