EE: 17 October



One week of sectionals to go!  Hope to see you on Hallowe’en!  Trick or treat?  (trick only if you’re a bass player)



ATTACHMENTS (on email)

-Buccaneer suite movement 1 reduced score

-Buccaneer suite movement 1 practice file with reduced tempo

-Buccaneer suite movement 1 new electric bass part

-Invicta reduced score

-Invicta reduced tempo practice file sent in a separate email.



Band notes are posted on the website at:

Flutes: I will provide an Invicta part without so many high notes at rehearsal

Altos 1 and 2: Buccaneer Suite movement 1: pls omit 2beforeB to 4afterB, and omit first two bars of coda.

Alto 2: Buccaneer Suite movement 1: play cue at E always.  Thanks!

Basses: New bassline part for Buccaneer 1 and 2 will be provided.

Full band:  Music Room 154 from 6:30-7:30PM.

Refreshments: Room 142 (Staff Room) from 7:30-7:45PM.

Sectionals: 7:45-8:45PM.


(!) Potsdam, NY mass band: 04 November, 1-7PM.  Sign up with Jackie!

(!) Concert Date: 10 December, 3-5PM (TBC).


  1. You are invited to contribute $2 for breaktime juice and biscuits.
  2. Attendance: Please mark in the dates that you will be awayon the attendance sheet at the front of the room.  This helps with planning.
  3. Music: ONHB will provide you an initial set of music.  If you need replacement parts, please coordinate with your neighbourto acquire them.



This week (week 6):

I’m a Believer

Phantom of the Opera

Buccaneer Suite, movement 1


Next week plan (week 7):

Take Me Home, Country Roads

Whispers from Beyond


Buccaneer Suite, movement 1


Warmup: A good individual warm-up involves literally warming (temperature) up your instrument, reinforcing beautiful tone with long notes while controlling starts and ends, reinforcing smooth transitions between notes that are spaced apart (brass harmonics, octaves in flutes and saxophones, and clarinet 12ths), and practising clean articulation via scales and arpeggios.  Following this, one may look over musical sections and steadying rhythm.



This week plan (week 6)

FLUTES, OBOES, and CLARINETS-SHEILA                                                   Stage

ALTO SAXOPHONES-ANGELA                                                                   Library 108

ALLBRASS/LOWSAXES/ALL BASSES-ADRIAN                                Room 142 (Staff Room)

PERCUSSION-KYLE                                                                           Room 143 (guidance office)

Next week plan (week 7)

Full band both hours.  EE may either be in the music room, on the stage, or in the library: TBC.  I expect the stage.




Buccaneer Suite

Phantom of the Opera

Whispers from Beyond


I’m a Believer

Take Me Home, Country Roads



SECTION NOTES (refer to order of rehearsal for pieces to practise – same notes as before)



Upper woodwinds/altos@23: note that this rhythm is a straight half and two quarters whereas the bassline has syncopation (dotted quarter, dotted quarter, and quarter per bar).

Upper woodwinds@70-78: One is used to associating those notes with a faster tempo, but this section is quite slow.  Listen to recording 2:15.

Alto saxophones@62-70: One is used to associating those notes with a faster tempo, but this section is quite slow.  Listen to recording 1:58.

Alto saxophones@78-94: One is used to associating those notes with a faster tempo, but this section is quite slow.  Listen to recording 2:30 (listen for the middle horns that share your line).

All low instruments@1-6: practise for confidence in changing time signatures, especially for bars 2 and 4.

Trombones/TSax@9-13: listen to the recording for this rhythm.  Bar 9 must be fluent as I will have no opportunity to help aside from giving the tempo.  Bar 11 is an immediate quietening of dynamic.

Trombones/TSax@132-144: look over rhythm and pyramid chord 7 bars in.

Percussion@25-30: solo passages, to look over.

Percussion@124-132: solo passages (SD, BD, Timp), to look over.

percussion@last4bars: look over.



movement 1

Upper woodwinds/altos@top-5: look over for rhythm; practise with metronome to cross-check.

Low woodwinds/low brass@top-B: practise with recording for feedback on time signature changes.

Trumpets@C-D: look over; use recording for feedback on rhythm.

baritone sax/tenor sax/euphonium: A-B practise melody.

movement 2

all good J

movement 3

Percussion: SD feature; look over.

Basses: E-G.  No others have that bassline except bass clarinet (which we do not have).



Flutes/Obs/Clarinets/Trps@29-35: look over melodic passage rhythm, especially the tie-overs between 30-31 and 31-32.

Altos/Clarinets@13-15: practise rhythm

Altos/Clarinets@35-54: look over melodic passage rhythm



Upper woodwinds@67-73: look over.

3rd Clarinets@17-18: only you are playing here!  Enjoy.

Notes for other parts withheld for now pending possible changes.



Everyone except percussion: look over 8-18
Everyone except basses and percussion: look over 102-110

Drums@38-58: look over



Polishing: dynamics, musicality, etc.