EE: 16 January 2018

Hello Elgin Encorites,

Thank you for a fantastic first rehearsal. We’re off to a solid term!


Band notes are posted on the website at:


An announcement will be made at rehearsal in regards to:

-TShirt orders

-Your availability to play a volunteer concert at Oakpark Retirement Residence on Wednesday 25 April (the Wednesday after the concert, so no RC rehearsal and Spring Band would not have started yet)


a) social coordinator for EE (deciding dates to have socials and booking venues)

b) snack setup (thank you Mo last Tuesday!)

c) photocopying help for Fall 2018, so it isn’t always the same people doing it. This usually involves 3-4 people meeting at Staples and spending 4 hours organising music before the term starts.

-baritone saxes to sit near electric basses this week

-altos to gravitate towards the flute side to give clarinets room


This coming week’s order:

of the Trolls

1964 Beatles

What to bring:
-music stand (especially if you play flute, oboe, and clarinet. Priority of on-site stands go to large instruments like bass and bari sax)
-Essential Elements Book 2 (St. John’s is likely not to be there, but you can share with a bandmate I am sure.)
-Water cloth (to empty water on for brass instruments)
-a pencil (important!)
-term 1 music (eventually) We will combine both term’s music for the extra volunteer show

-Indoor shoes are recommended to leave a good impression.
-Toothbrush opt. (please remember to rinse out your mouth before playing to avoid nutrient+moisture buildup in your instruments…)

6:30-7:30 Full band: Music Room 154

7:30-7:45 Refreshments in Room 142


Instrument Room Number Clinician
Flute/Oboe Room 112 Jasmine Ruffo
Clarinet Room 114 Angela Blackwell
Alto Sax Library 108 Peter Gemmell
Trumpet/FH Room 115 Jessica Granata
Low Sax/Brs/Bs Staff Room Adrian Cosstick
Percussion Room 142 (staff room), 143 (guidance room) Dominique Moreau

Looking Ahead
Tuesday 06 Feb: Flutes and oboes join Angela in 114
Tuesday 13 Feb and 20 Feb: Clarinets join Jasmine in 112
Tuesday 20 Feb: Angela is your clinician – joins altos in library

Second term concert date: Sunday 15 April, afternoon time TBD at Woodroffe United Church.

Volunteer Concert : (TBC) Oakpark Retirement Residence (2 Valour Dr).

Spring Band concert date: Tuesday 12 June, evening time TBD, at Woodroffe United Church



(Thanks Jackie for linking these!)


March of the Trolls

How Does a Moment Last Forever

The Beatles: 1964!