EE: 14 November

Howdy all,

First real snow!  Please see our revised concert time below and schedule for the next two weeks.  Note that this week we are in the stage as usual, but that the next two weeks we will be in the music room so that Bytown Beginners can get used to playing on stage.  See you Tuesday and drive safely.


And our winning pieces are:

I’m a Believer (~1min40)

Buccaneer Suite (time tbd depending on chosen movements)

Phantom of the Opera (~7 mins)

All I Want for Christmas is You (~3 mins)



-(!) we need a total of two EE volunteers for stage crew (to help set up refreshments and chairs).  Other bands will also have volunteers.

-If you play an upper woodwind please use your own stand) so that larger instruments and percussion have less to lug around.

-Thanks everyone for your $2 (x2) contributions for snacks, and custodian and teacher appreciation (for the use of their classrooms)!  Cathy will still be collecting this week.

Full band:  Stage (behind music room) from 6:30-8:45PM.

*Next week we will be in the music room!

Refreshments: Room 142 (Staff Room) from 7:30-7:45PM.


 (!) Concert Date: Sunday 10 December, 2-5PM at Brookfield High School.

Second term concert date: Sunday 15 April, afternoon time TBD at Woodroffe United Church.

Spring Band concert date: Tuesday 12 June, evening time TBD, at Woodroffe United Church

Band notes are posted on the website at:



This week (week 10):

All I Want for Christmas is You

Buccaneer Suite

Phantom of the Opera

Invicta (especially middle section and transition back to faster section)


Next week plan (week 11):

Country Roads, Take Me Home

Buccaneer Suite

I’m a Believer

Phantom of the Opera

All I Want for Christmas is You

*Please use practice files I sent a few weeks ago to work on Buccaneer Suite, especially in inner parts.

*Percussion: I may add in missing auxiliary parts to your current parts – please write down what parts you are playing for each piece…chart form would be great.  We also need someone covering the Mallets (Bells) part at the beginning of All I Want for Christmas is You.



Buccaneer Suite

Phantom of the Opera

Whispers from Beyond


I’m a Believer

Take Me Home, Country Roads

All I Want for Christmas is You