EE: 11 December 2018

Hi Elgin Encores:

Concert day tomorrow!
Thanks to Dale and Martine for volunteering for set-up!   Thanks all for contributing to refreshments!

Sound file for Postcard at bar 35 attached.

Some reminders:

  1. We play at 2PM.  Warm up in thelibrary at 12:45PM.  Come about ten minutes beforehand.    We playAFTER the Capital Crescendos band.

Black/black with colour.  Cat ears welcome.

Carpool!  Parking may be very difficult!

From the email blast:

You can leave your cases and coats in the warm-up rooms (NOT valuables, keys or purses).

For those bringing refreshment contributions, you may drop them off in the lobby where tables will be set up, and we don’t have access to a kitchen.


Getting on and off Stage

Do not get on stage until the stage crew says so (wait QUIETLY in the wing/entrance to the stage from the music room).  It’s best if you line up in seated order before entering the stage.

After your performance, musicians should exit ASAP off both sides either into the auditorium or out the door on the left (from conductor’s perspective). If some musicians are in the next band, they should have their instruments in the wing of the stage. 

  1. Performance order:
  2. The Cat’s Pajamas (with bass intro)
  3. All About that Bass
  4. Postcard from England
  5. I am the Doctor

Cat’s Pajamas (The) by Pierre La Plante

All About that Bass by Kevin Kadish and Meghan Trainor, arranged by Paul Murtha

Postcard from England by Robert Buckley

I am the Doctor by Murray Gold, arranged by Robert Buckley