EE: 10 October

Hi all,


Hope you had a good weekend.  No changes to the plan and here is next week as well.




for last week’s order of music, dates, and listening links, refer to:




This week (week 5):

Buccaneer Suite, movements 2 and 3.



Next week plan (week 6):

I’m a Believer

Phantom of the Opera

Buccaneer Suite, movement 1



This week plan (week 5)

FLUTES and OBOES-SHEILA                                                                          Stage

CLARINETS-ANGELA                                                                                    Room 114

We need some upper woodwinds or trumpets to wheel chairs over from the stage to the far rooms before clinics.  It is not practical for bass players to do this (3 trips…).

ALTO SAXOPHONES-PETER                                                                      Library 108

TRUMPETS/FLUGELS-JESSICA                                                                  Room 115

LOWBRASS/TENORS/BARIS/ALL BASSES-ADRIAN                        Room 142 (Staff Room)

PERCUSSION-KYLE                                                                           Room143 (guidance office)


Next week plan (week 6)

FLUTES, OBOES, and CLARINETS-SHEILA                                                   Stage

ALTO SAXOPHONES-ANGELA                                                                   Library 108

ALLBRASS/LOWSAXES/ALL BASSES-ADRIAN                                Room 142 (Staff Room)

PERCUSSION-KYLE                                                                           Room 143 (guidance office)