EE: 07 November

Hello everyone

November is progressing and we get closer to the concert date – only a few weeks to go!  See you Tuesday.




-If you play an upper woodwind please use your own stand) so that larger instruments and percussion have less to lug around.

-From Cathy: we are collecting for a pizza dinner for the 8 custodians as a little thank you to the teachers who lent us their classrooms.  Please contribute $2 to Cathy for custodians.

-People who missed the basket for contribution towards refreshments may still contribute their $2 (this is separate from the above $2).  We have enough refreshment money to go two more weeks.

-Jackie (oboe) had a thank you card for Potsdam last week at rehearsal, to sign


Full band:  Stage (behind music room) from 6:30-8:45PM.

Refreshments: Room 142 (Staff Room) from 7:30-7:45PM.


 (!) Concert Date: 10 December, 3-5PM


ORDER OF REHEARSAL (slightly changed!)


This week we will rehearse bits and run through each piece.  We will vote on our concert pieces at the end of rehearsal.

This week (week 9):

I’m a Believer

-beginning (WW marked in tenuto notes)

-5-13 (Clarinet and Alto rhythm)

-35-43 (Trumpets care not to rush)

-43-51 (more trumpet, less others)

Country Roads, Take Me Home

-take piece faster

-rehearse 4 before E to 2 after (will switch to cut time early to try)

Buccaneer Suite movement 1

-A-B, keep without pickup

-E to DC

-coda transition

Buccaneer Suite movement 2

-C to the segno

Buccaneer Suite movement 3

-individual look over for rhythm at beginning; I cannot spend much time on this

Whispers from Beyond






-7-13 transition

-51-62 transition; and syncopated notes more separate

-62-78 Alto saxophone melody

-94-102 review

-100-102 we wil try in 4 (8th notes receive beat)

-118-144 transition

196-end tempo changes

Phantom of the Opera


-60-68 entries

-68-78 tempos

-86-94 tempos


-126-136 tempo and long notes

138, more accents and separation


Next week plan (week 10):


…although look over Invicta, Whispers, Phantom, and Buccaneer as pieces this term carry over to the next, for the community show.



UPDATED SECTION NOTES for weeks 9-10 (same as last week)



Flutes: remember that if you find the original part too high, you are welcome to play the Piccolo part.

Upper woodwinds: practice pick up at bar 20

EH: bar 9: practice coming in at tempo, then a sudden quiet at bar 11; practice 62-86 with the recording I sent out;

Altos: practice 62-86 with the recording I sent out to associate rhythm with the slower tempo; and 94-102

Trumpets: (190)198-end with recording for the tempo changes

LowBrass/TSax: practice bar 9 coming in at tempo, then a sudden quiet at bar 11; and 132-148; and 190-end

Basses: 102-124 so as not to rush

Percussion: individual parts as lots of solos (SD, timp)


Whispers from Beyond

Flutes: remember that if you find the original part too high, you are welcome to play the Flute 3 part.

Flutes/Clarinets: look over 103-end

Oboe: omit bars 77-78, look over 103-end (warm low notes)

Alto 1: 49-65; 103-107

Altos 1&2/EH: 87-107 lots to look at in here – care to keep steady tempo.

Tenor Sax/Bari Sax/Euph: the eighth note bits (i.e. bar 9, 33-37, etc.) that come back so that we can get them smooth (cresc. and decresc. throughout the bar so that the high notes don’t stick out).

Trumpets 85-102: warm forte sound

Basses: look over 21-37 for steady tempo

Percussion: percussion 1 player add crash cymbal notes at 45 57, 69, and 99 from percussion 2 part; play triangle where possible (esp at 87).


Phantom of the Opera

Clarinets/Altos/Tenors: 110-118

Tenor Sax/EH/Trb 1: 46-55

Euph/EH: 129 last note – keep it long and warm




Buccaneer Suite

Phantom of the Opera

Whispers from Beyond


I’m a Believer

Take Me Home, Country Roads