EE: 07 March

Hello Elgin Encores,
Hope you had a wonderful break!  Here is the plan for next week:


Band notes are posted on the ONH website at:


Please remember to take your shoes off at DC.  It creates a lot of work for the custodial staff when we track in outside mud into the halls.


This coming week’s order:


Scottish Ballade

El Camino Real

Morning Train

French Canadian Folksongs





EE and ONH Official Concert: Sun April 9th, 3 – 5pm at DC Church

It will be great to showcase all our hard work on El Camino Real.

Our Seniors Home concert will be April 25th at Oakpark Retierment Residence.  Expect a rehearsal (all welcome) the Tuesday beforehand.



This term’s pieces


New Horizons


Morning Train (arr. Vinson, no concert band sound file)


Donkey Riding
Scottish Ballade


French Canadian Folksongs (no clear sound file)


Last term’s pieces


Mack the Knife arranged by Jack Bullock


The Adventure Begins by Matt Conaway

Counting Stars arranged by Matt Conaway

On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss, by David Holsinger


Kinesis by Michael Sweeney


El Camino Real by Alfred Reed, arranged by Robert Longfields


Salvation is Created by Tschesnokoff