EE: 03 April 2018

Hi Elgin Encores, 

  1. Tomorrow is our dress rehearsal.It is just a normal rehearsal: wear PJs if you feel like it.
  2. Jackie has a message for you below.
  3. Reminder about the social before our Volunteer concert on the 25th.Likely to be Broadway Bar and Grill around suppertime.  5:15PM?  Time TBD.



April 15th concert volunteers – Thanks to those who signed up! We might need one more person to help set up the cocktail food, when the concert bands are finished & while the jazz bands are playing. It would be between 4-5pm. Realize not everyone is probably staying but if you are, would you be willing to lend a hand please? We’re trying to get one or two people from each band so you may not be needed if there’s already a small army:)  Email Jackie –


Windjammer:  approx. quarter=130

Trolls: approx. quarter=135


Invicta (term 1): approx. quarter=155

PIECES TO LOOK OVER (no changes from last time)

Moment: altos – melody throughout as we are taking it faster.

Windjammer: I’d like to take the “slower” sections a bit faster (i.e. beginning).

-Upper Woodwinds: bar 29 (this bar is a gem to be polished)

-Clarinets/all saxophones:

*bar 38 (this bar is a gem to be polished),

*also 39-43 to avoid rushing,

*also 195-199 (123-123, 123-123)

-Trumpets please practise your solis; entries are still late or early.

-Horn/Euph/Altos/Tenors: 148-151

-All brass and percussion: the faster bits.  Brass lead these parts; care to remain steady.


Second term concert date: Sunday 15 April, (Concert Bands 2:00  Photo of all ONHB band leaders and musicians 3:30  Jazz Band 4 pm) at Woodroffe United Church.

At the moment, the plan is for EE to meet in the Sanctuary at 1PM.  Please arrive around 12:50PM (not too early as people will be setting up chairs)

Band notes are posted on the website at:

Volunteer concert: Wednesday 25 April, 7:30PM, Oakpark Retirement Residence (2 Valour Dr).  

Spring Band concert date: Tuesday 12 June, evening sharing concert for Spring Concert Band, Ireland Band, possibly Jazz Bands.  Woodroffe United Church,  (time to be announced, probably 6:45 – 8:45 pm)


April 10th Dress Rehearsal

149-153 in the EE book

Take Me Home, Country Roads


Invicta (read-through)

Whispers from Beyond (read-through)

Phantom of the Opera (middle-end)

Trolls (middle-end)



6:30-7:30          Full band:  STAGE

7:30-7:45          Refreshments in Room 142 (Staff room)

7:45-8:45          Full band:  STAGE



March of the Trolls

How Does a Moment Last Forever


The Beatles: 1964!