DJB reminders Oct. 22, 2018

Hi DJB members – Here are a couple of reminders:

Band Notes – I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that Rocco’s emails are being posted on the ONHB website every week.  You can find them here.  That way, if you can’t find the emails he has sent out with listening links, you can always find them on the website.

MP3’s – thanks to Ross and Shawn for converting the URL’s to MP3’s for us.  If you need to find them later, I have put them into this Dropbox link.  You do not have to join Dropbox to access them.

Note: Sometimes Dropbox acts a bit strange.  You may find that when you click on an MP3 to play it, you get a message “Install Adobe Flash Player to preview this video.”   You don’t have to do that.  There are two easier solutions:
1. Open the Dropbox link in Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. 
2. Stay in Internet Explorer, but when you see that message, go to the upper right corner, click on Download, then Direct Download.  At the bottom of your screen you will be asked if you want to open or save the MP3.  Click open. 

Adjusting speed – Did you know you can adjust the speed of MP3’s without changing the pitch so that you can play along as you’re learning the piece?   There are several ways to do this without changing the pitch:

On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch –  former DJB member Allan Silburt recommended the free Anytune or the $14.99 Anytune Pro apps  (

On Android phones – I recommend Audipo: Audio speed changer (free) (  Another one for Android suggested by Ross Malegus is

On your PC with Windows Media Player – Right-click the main part of the screen and then choose Enhancements > Play Speed Settings.

On the playback speed pop-up window that appears, use the slider bar to vary the speed that the audio or video is played. A value of 1 is for normal playback speed, while a lower or higher figure either slows or speeds up the playback. There are also pre-sets that you can use by clicking on the Slow, Normal, or Fast links near the top of the pop-up window.

For more granular control, clear the check box next to the Snap Slider to Common Speeds option. This will enable you to fine tune the speed of the song or video being played back.

Note: You need to be viewing Windows Media Player in “Now Playing” mode.  So, if you are currently viewing Windows Media Player  in Library or Skin mode, etc., switch to the Now Playing mode by clicking the View menu tab and selecting the Now Playing option (if you can’t see the menu bar at the top of WMP ‘s screen because it has been turned off, then hold the [CTRL] key and press [M] to turn it on again, and then click the View menu tab).

On your PC without Windows Media Player – Ross Malegus has recommended Audacity, a free software, for the same purpose. (

Important Dates – (you can always check the calendar on the website to be reminded of important dates)
– Annual General Meeting – Sunday October 28 at 2 – 3:30 PM
– Concert – all ONHB bands will participate in a concert the afternoon of December 16 (time to be confirmed)

Happy practising!