DJB concert at Saint-Vincent Hospital June 6, 2019

Hi DJB’ers – here is the information on our upcoming concert and post-concert festivities.

It is also posted on the ONHB website under “For Members/Band Notes/Downtown Jazz Band ” so you can remind yourself if you lose this email:

Where: Saint-Vincent Hospital in the Atrium
60 Cambridge Street North  (
Ottawa ON K1R 7A5
TIP from Sue – avoid Bronson at all costs; it’s a mess.

When: June 6, 2917
Downbeat at 6:30 pm
Arrive after 5:30, with enough time for set-up, warm-up and tune-up.

Parking: there is parking on-site, and parking “will be covered for the performers.”

Dress: black on black (ONHB shirts if you’ve got ’em) with a touch of spring colour if desired.

Everyone: music, instruments, stands
Special items:
– Otto – drum kit
– Marjorie – bass amp
– Jeff – guitar amp, piano amp, patch cords
– Jacquie – piano, stand, bench
– Sue – extension wheel with multi-inputs
– Fran – 3 prong extension/strips with multiple sockets and a long 3 prong extension cord
– Rocco – 2 microphones, 2 mic cables, PA sound system (speakers power amp, 2 cables)
– Jody – ONHB stand banners

Post-concert festivities: Vimy Brewing Company
1-145 Loretta Ave. N. (
Ottawa On K1Y 2J7
Note: No reservation made.  We’re told no problem for about 20 people to just arrive.

It’ll be a celebration!