Concert info and rehearsal notes from December 12

Congratulations on a terrific dress rehearsal, gang! Here’s what you need to know for the concert, plus a couple short notes at the end about our tunes.

Arrival for warm-up and concert:

Please plan to CARPOOL, and park at the back of the parking lot after dropping off equipment. This is very important! We want to be sure there’s plenty of parking space for our legions of adoring fans!

You can leave cases, coats etc. in the classrooms/warm-up rooms (but NOT valuables, purses). Best to wear a small cross-over purse for the concert or leave your valuables at home. The music room will not be locked! Please leave your cases, etc. at the back of the room (where the percussion instruments typically live), NOT at your chairs, so that other musicians can use the chairs easily. If you are nervous about not having a stand, feel free to bring one (but there should be enough on stage and in the music room already for everyone).


  • It is easiest if musicians exit ASAP off both sides either into the auditorium or out the door on the left (from conductor’s perspective, AKA stage right). If a musician or two are in the next band, have the instrument in the wing of the stage.
  • All bands should report to the music room 10 minutes before their scheduled time. A stage crew runner will come get them.
  • Do not get on stage until the stage crew says so (wait in the wing/in the entrance to the stage from the music room)
Concert Bands: 1-3 pm
BB – 1pm Warm up 12 Rm142stage
RR – 1:20. Warm up 12:20 Rm154
CC – 1:40. Warm up 12:20 library
EE – 2 pm Warm up 12:45 Rm110+112 or library?RC – 2:20 pm Warm up library 1:30

In the Bleak Midwinter:
Play it exactly as you did tonight. It gave me shivers!

Don’t Stop Believin’:
At 41, all melody instruments be sure to play quarter notes short/staccato (and the accented eighth notes before rests extra-short!).

At 39, keep the volume at a quiet mp, to allow the melody to come through.

Linus and Lucy:
Keep the tempo moving forward through measure 15! Listen to the basses and the drum kit for grooviness!

See you on Sunday! DING-DONG!!