CC week 2 update

Greetings Capital Crescendos,

Themes for the week: 1. Relation between major and minor scales  and  2.  6/8 time:

1. The major and minor scales that have the same key signatures are said to be relative keys. For example, the key of F major has one flat (B♭) as does the key of d minor.  In order to find a major scale’s relative minor, count up six notes, including the starting note. Again using the example of F major, count up six notes (F, G, A, B, C, and D) to find its relative minor which is d minor.

2. In 6/8 time, there are 2 basic beats per bar. These basic beats are always dotted quarter notes.  Each basic beat contains 3 sub beats (3 eighth beats). 6/8 time is also known as compound time.

This week’s rehearsal

This week’s rehearsal started with our clinics for the first hour.  There will be three more clinics over the session: Feb 2, Feb 9 and March 2.

Following our refreshment break, we started our full rehearsal with the B♭(concert) scale, in unison then as a round. Next, new music was distributed for O Canada including one version for the band to play in unison and a second version with harmony parts for different instruments.  Because we are playing this familiar music, we instinctively add appropriate phrasing and breathe at the correct place.  Try playing the first few notes from memory.  (We were able to sing a nice version of Happy Birthday as well, while we celebrated the birthday of one of our trumpet players who is also one of our social convenors).  Next we turned to Land of the Midnight Sun which is in the key of d minor. New music was also distributed for 76 Trombones which we ran through at the end of rehearsal. Watch the road map for this piece. At the end of Bar 74 it has a DS sign which means that from there we go back to bar 7 (which is where the sign is) then continue to Bar 36, then jump to the Coda and play to the end.

Next week

As you get back into your practice routine, remember to play through the warm ups on page 42 and 43 in the Tradition of Excellence Book 2. These provide for a good review of the 3 main key signatures that we will be playing from.  This week, have a look at the following selections from Tradition Of Excellence :  Page 43; F major Chorale, #146, #43 and #41 – 44 on page 46.

Audio links

Here are corresponding audio links for the pieces we now have. Listen and enjoy. Leave your sheet music aside when you first listen, so that you can get an overall sense of the pieces.

1. Celtic Air and Dance, arr. M Sweeney
2. Land of the Midnight Sun by Vince Gassi
3. Air for Band By Frank Erickson
4. Birdland by Joe Zawinul, arr. L Norred
5. 76 Trombones, arr. M Sweeney    NOTE: we will be playing at a slower, even tempo
Volunteers : Thank you to those of you who have volunteered to help out. We are still looking for additional volunteers to help out with photocopying and concert co-ordination. Also, please remember to lend a helping hand to the percussion section with the moving in and out of their instruments at our rehearsals on Thursdays.

Photos & videos: Please let Leslie or Sheila know if you would rather not be included in any photos or videos.

Name Tags: If you have not already done so, please let us know if you need a name tag.Looking forward to seeing you all next week!