Bytown Beginner Band Welcome Note, Sept. 18, 2017


Looking forward to seeing everyone at Brookfield High School for our first week with our instruments!

What to bring:
Everyone will need an instrument (of course!), an Essential Elements book for sectionals and band rehearsal, as well as a portable music stand. Remember that books and stands will be available for purchase at Brookfield  (6 – 6:30), $11 – 18 for books and $12 for stands. Cash, correct change only!   Don’t forget reeds (woodwinds) or cloths for moisture (brass).
Lesson 1:
Bytown Beginner musicians will go first to their sectionals, where they will meet other musicians and their clinicians, learn (or review) assembly, care and maintenance of their instrument, explore lines 1 – 10 together in Essential Elements book 1 as they begin to learn about correct posture, embouchure, and breath support. The first clinic always goes by so quickly, but if time remains we will look at Ogopogo, our first band piece!  Half of our musicians are returning and will be ready to encourage the true beginners and to refine their own technical skills.
6:30-7:30           Room Number            Clinician
Flute/Oboe         Room 112                    Sheila White
Clarinet              Room 114                    Angela Blackwell
Saxes                Library 108                   Felicia Persaud
Trumpet             Room 115                    Jessica Granata
Trombone, Baritone, Tuba   Room 110  Malcolm Wade
Percussion         Room 142  (staff room), 143 (guidance room) Kyle Nurse
7:30-7:45          Refreshments  in Room 142
7:45-8:45          Full band:  Music Room 154
Listening Links!
Here are links to the band music we will be doing this session.
Listening Advisory:  Some of the recordings are synthesized versions that lack musicality and vitality and are played too slowly, therefore we have included some extra recordings that are not exactly the version that we will be playing, but are much more authentic.  We should post our own recorded version on Youtube in December!

Autumn  Antonio Vivaldi  (Gil Shaham)

1. Autumn Antonio Vivaldi (arr Douglas Wagner – the version that we will play a fast and lively allegro)
2. Big Raven   Vince Gassi (Toronto composer – inspired by the paintings of Emily Carr, the sounds of the forest, and legends surrounding the Raven)
To view the paintings which inspired this piece:
3. Ogopogo  (Legendary Lake Creature of Okanagan Valley, BC)  Robert Buckley (Canadian)
4. You Must Know       Ryan Meeboer  (Canadian – Burlington)

Musically Yours,

Cathy and Felicia