Belle of Chicago Plan

Intro: fortissimo and short, except m1 – slur from beginning of beat two to end of beat three.

1st repeated section (mm5-21):

1st time: no bracketed dynamics (loud throughout)

2nd time: with bracketed dynamics (come down to mp for mm 9 and 17)

m21: piano, not fortissimo but play the accent

2nd repeated section (mm22-38):

1st time – piano throughout; play lower notes; trumpets, trombones, tuba and cymbals do not play

m37: add trumpets and trombones

2nd time: forte (not fortissimo); all play; upper notes is possible; make the crescendo at 34 to go to fortissimo at 35

Trio (mm39-56):

1st time: piano; ignore tacet instruction in m38; upper notes where possible; make the crescendo in m50 and diminuendo in mm53,54

2nd time: pianissimo; no snare drum; lower notes; no cresc/dim

Final repeated section (mm57-end):

1st time: continue pianissimo; no trumpets, trombones or snare drum; lower notes

m72: all play; fortissimo

2nd time: fortissimo throughout; all playing; observe accents, sfz in percussion; upper notes where possible