April 3,2018

Great job at doing a full run through of the pieces! Instead of my usual lengthy discussion about what specific we worked on for each piece, just look at the conductor and do your best.

April 15 Concert Order-Woodroffe United Church (arrive at 1pm to choir room)

Nottingham Castle

You Must Know

Celtic Air and Dance

The Tempest

Dress- all black with yellow or purple accents

April 17th Starwood Concert Order (arrive 6:20 please email me if you can bring armless chairs)

167 O Canada

Nottingham Castle

You must know




Big Raven

118 (no saxes)

131 (Woodwinds)

142(brass + saxes)

Celtic Air and Dance

The Tempest



Twist and Shout

Dress in black bottoms and spring colour top