April 1 – a BIG BAND sound in a warm little pub – just the way jazz should be played.

Monday night at St. Louis Bar & Grill was fun!  Luke, the owner, says we are welcome to come back any time. He also said he received many great comments. (I did not point out that his clients were mostly our friends and family).

I thought you all sounded very fine, especially given the constraints of the venue, which you all handled with flexibility – better than many pros.  The trombones and trumpets made adjustments to reading from a standing position in a tight space, and raising the bells 15% as Neil asked was not possible in that situation.  I was not in the ideal position to cue  (or res-cue)  but our rhythm section really helped to keep everything groovin’ along!

Thank you to everyone for a great night, and a fun way to share our music! – Cathy

Here is a debrief from the audience perspective –  from Dave Jones, our awesome JJB volunteer who bounces from bass guitar to drums to you-name-it!  Wherever he is needed, he is there!  He enjoyed listening to us while having a bite to eat.

  1. Very good sound balance between instruments.
  2. The band level overall was perfect, not too loud and easy to hear various instruments.
  3. The rhythm section played strong and helped in getting through some rough patches.  We heard all the percussion instruments.  Loved the whistle.
  4. Trumpets need to get bells up.
  5. We heard the bari sax and it was good!
  6. The band showed the ability to recover from glitches and keep going; an important survival skill.
  7. The band looked good.  Dress for success!  Remember to smile sometimes.  Put one smile on your agenda for every show.  The audience is watching.  And don’t frown, ever.

8′ The dymamics were evident but could be more dramatic.  An easy way to sound more professional.

  1. We heard the solos – even the clarinet solos.
  2. More cowbell


One concert down, one dress rehearsal (this coming Monday, April 8) then our big concert, April 14.  Tell friends JJB will play at 4:45.  Please print off the schedule you received recently from Ottawa New Horizons with all the details for arrival time, warm up room, etc.   I will go over it this Monday.

Band shirts are in, for those who placed an order.

Dress for concert – black