Apr. 15, 2019 Spring Extension Downtown Jazz Band (DJB)

Hi DJB’ers – welcome to the Spring Extension Session of the Downtown Jazz Band.  We’re looking forward to seeing you all later this week – yes, this week – on Thursday, 7-9 pm at Nepean High School.  It should be a really fun session.

As most of you know, Rocco will be away the first week of rehearsal, and Heather Flinn has kindly agreed to substitute for him.

I have a couple of messages for you from Rocco regarding the music.  Rocco gave out music folders to some folks at the concert on Sunday and I have folders for the rest.  Rocco gave all parts out in different folders, but please note that folder parts are not etched in stone.  People should feel free to swap parts with others if they would like to play 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th parts so that everyone has an opportunity.

Please bring all your music from the last term, not only the 4 pieces we played at the concert, as well as the new music in your folders.  We have some new people joining us on flutes, t sax, trumpet, euphonium, and trombone.  It would be great if the people in those sections organized themselves to scan parts for the new people in their sections.  Since we’ll concentrate on the new pieces at the first rehearsal, you have time to organize yourselves to do that and figure out which parts (1st, 2nd, etc.) to scan for the new folks.  The euphonium will play trombone parts.   Also, trumpets please note, that originally Rocco only gave out trumpet 1 & 2 parts, but now there will be four of you, he will also bring trumpet 3 & 4 parts for the old music to be shared.

For those of you who haven’t been with us before, we rehearse in the music room at Nepean High School. There is lots of parking at the front of the school  (Broadview) and also the rear lot off of Princeton on the north side of the school. Usually Rocco is there early and opens the side door on Princeton Avenue, right by a large window into the music room,  If that’s not open, the front doors off of Broadview should be open.

See you soon. We’ll have fun!
DJB Band rep &
ONHB volunteer webmaster and communications officer