8 Feb 18

A great turn out…thanks for driving safely on the Ottawa winter roads. Never feel that you have to turn out if you are not comfortable. The only time we would cancel would be if the school board closed the schools down, which is unlikely as that hasn’t happened in years! However, if that was the case an email blast would go out and a notice would be posted on the website.
Next week:
Sectionals for the first half.
Brass…same as the last 2 weeks.
Oboe, flutes and saxes…staff room with Gordon
Clarinets…room 114 with Angela
Perc..stage with Natalie
Make sure you ask about all the tricky bits…last chance!
Second half, Angela will work on the scary (light instrumentation!) sections of Pirates.
Gordon will work on: Mozart, Nessun Dorma and Olympic Fanfare & Theme.
Thanks for continuing to bring your indoor shoes.
Have a good week, AB and GT