8 Apr 17

Well done on Wednesday! You all handled a very hectic evening extremely well. We thank you for the time and energy that you put into everything. 
That was the beginning of a very busy week for us all. Please see below for the details of the other events to round out our season.
Sunday April 9th.
Please arrive close to 2pm. 
Drop off your food/drink contribution in the kitchen.
Proceed to the basement for warm up at 2.15.
Those of you in multiple bands may pick where you want to warm up.
Try to leave valuables/hand bags with an audience member.
Order: Jazz Police, Stan Rogers, Summertime, Instant Concert.
If you know someone who would help with the food set up, please let us know.
If you can help with chair removal after the concert, please stay. 
If you can help load percussion for the Perley into the vans, please stay.
Wednesday April 12th
Please arrive at the Perley by 6.30. 
Bring your parking slip into the building with you. You will be given a second one so you don’t have to pay when you leave.
If you can help bring in the percussion, that would be great.
Order: Instant Concert, 3 Ayres, String of Pearls, Summertime, 60’s Gold, Surprise Piece (!), Greensleeves, Sweetheart Tree, Saints Hallelujah.
If you can help getting percussion back to the vans, please do.
There is a section booked in Angela’s name at Kelsey’s. If you haven’t filled in the spreadsheet yet, please do so. (21 coming so far!)
Email with any questions,
cheers, AB and GT