7 Dec 17

Greetings RC,
First, thankyou for the extremely generous gift boxes! (A special thankyou from Angela to Diane and Sandra for the very festive green and red tarten collar for her dog Morgan!) It has been a great term and a pleasure to work with you all.
For sunday:
1. If you can help with percussion set up, please arrive at 12.30.
2. Warm up is 1pm in the library.
3. CC players head to the stage at 1.20.
4. Sit in the audience for BB and EE.
5. During CC go to the music room using the corridor entrance, not across the stage.
6. Wait until given a call to come onto the stage. Come in order, clarinet side first.
7. Don’t forget to bring a plate of finger food or some juice boxes for the reception.
8. Order is Sousa, Hallelujah, Bach, Sleigh Ride.
For next term:
1. New pieces!
2. Kiwanis.
3. Main concert on april 15th at Woodroffe United.
4. Perley concert on saturday april 21st at 2pm.
See you all on sunday!