7 Apr 18

Reminders for the last couple of weeks:
Wednesday April 11th:
Meet at Ridgemont at 5.45 for Kiwanis.
Afterwards, go to Brookfield for our dress rehearsal.
Bring ALL music as we will also be running the Perley pieces.
Sunday April 15th:
Information regarding warm up rooms and times will be sent in another email once we have the information.
Downbeat 2pm, we play at approx 3pm.
Saturday April 21st:
Meet at the Perley at 1.30 for a 2pm downbeat.
Concert dress for all concerts:
All black with accents of red if you wish.
In addition, Angela notes that Pascal Veraquin will be in Ottawa on Apr 25th. If anyone requires instrument maintenance, they are encouraged to email Angela.
Please email us with any other questions.
GT and AB