EE: March 3

Elgin Encores
Hello Encores,
We are back tonight for a full rehearsal (no clinics tonight). We will take another look at Lassus Trombone for sure.
I would like to schedule a make-up rehearsal on Tuesday, April 7th. This is currently listed as a night off. Please check you calendars and let me know if you won’t be able to attend.
Hope to see everyone tonight.
COVINGTON SQUARE  James Swearingen
HOUNDS of Spring  Alfred Reed, Robert Longfield
INVICTA James Swearingen
Lord of the Dance    Ronan Hardiman
Salvation is Created Chesnekov,  Pavel, Brown, Michael
Scenes from the Louvre   Dello Joio, Norman Robert
Sketches of Canada  Story, Michael
Storm Warning  Sheldon, Robert
The dropbox
New sight reading this week: Pirates of the Caribbean 
Practice Notes (archived)
Epic Gaming Themes: Many of these hugely popular melodies may seem unfamiliar to many of us, especially if we are unfamiliar with the genre of electronic games. Video gaming music is now the largest segment of the symphonic recording industry. More gaming music is recorded than motion picture music and symphonic music!
The secret to becoming familiar with new music is of course to listen to it often. The tunes though unfamiliar to many of us are quite “catchy”. 
First section # 3-38 melody is smooth and legato in contrast to the instruments who are playing very staccato. We want to hear the contrast. 
Second section #38-81 we need a waltz feel, strong emphasis on beat 1. Lower clarinets bounce off the first beat with their rhythm. Keep it moving. 
Third section #82-128 This section is very metronomic with articulate rhythms. Very mechanical. Your marking says to play with building intensity! 
Fourth Section #129-146 Lyrical and smooth (legato) playing here. Alto’s bring out the sixteenth notes in measures #139 and #143. Tenors and baritones bring out measure #145. Everyone stay under the melody.
Fifth Section #147-end Baba Yetu (Our Father…) This section is all about rhythm. Listen to the slow-mo version and practice the Baba Yetu rhythms slowly. This piece has an African- Gospel style feel. Gradually increase the speed.
Hounds of Spring: First section #1-38. Practice this very slowly. The trick to this performance is to anticipate the metre changes 6/8 to 9/8 to 3/4 and back to 6/8. Remember to keep the eigth notes steady.
Practice counting the first seven measures. Start slowly, gradually increase tempo. Remember each digit is at the same tempo
123456 / 123456789 / 1+2+ / 123456 /123456 / 1+2+ /123456 …


Covington Square: articulations (accents, slurs, staccato, tenuto) keep a steady and even tempo.                             Continue to practice slowly and gradually increase the tempo. Practice with a metronome (no metronome, free ones on the web or for your phone).
Salvation is Created: gentle entries (no shouting), long smooth legato phrases, dynamics, best sound ever, blending and balance with each other. This pieces causes goosebumps.
Scenes from the Louvre: 1st movement trombones and tuba take the lead. 
Camino Del Sol: still going to keep this in a quick and pleasant 4/4 time, pay attention to the syncopations starting at #5, eighth notes are played straight and not swung.  Hold the tempo (push a little!). If you have a trill make them strong and exciting. Lower instruments accents on the end of beat 2 need to be strong.