5 Feb 2017

Some very noticeable work has been done in the first 2 clinics. Well done to all!
Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm in work-shopping the Stan Rogers.
A few notes for next week:
1. Clinics
Next week will be clinic number 3, as follows:
All Brass and bass guitar…with Heather in room 6 at 6pm.
Percussion…with Natalie in the basement at 6pm.
Flutes and oboe…with Gordon in room 17.
Clarinets and saxes…with Angela in room 15.
Bassoon…you may go with the brass to stick with the bass sound, or join the clarinets and saxes!
Please run through Summertime. Also remember to ask your clinician to go through anything you find hard to fit in with the rest of the band.
2. In the second half we will be looking at Summertime, String of Pearls and the first 70 or so measures of Rite of Spring.
3. Don’t forget your indoor shoes.
4. Thanks to those who said they would help with snack. If you have a few minutes at the beginning or the end and see someone getting the snacks organised, feel free to lend a hand!
5. We are looking at having a band dinner on Wednesday March 15th. Please send Angela thoughts for location unless you would like to stick with The Colonnade.
Cheers, GT and AB