Rehearsal Notes Feb 25 – March 4

Important Dates:

March 11 – no rehearsal (schools closed) – why not plan a practice party?

March 18 – regular rehearsal

March 25  – Full Band Clinic with Neil Yorke-Slader

Monday, April 1 – JJB at St. Louis Bar and Grill, 399 Elgin St. Friends and family are welcome to come and listen, and they may of course order food and beverages to help out this Elgin St. restaurant during the year-long construction blitz on Elgin.

Saturday, April 6 – Social for JJB –  Two Beats Ahead Jazz Band fund raiser for Guide Dogs – social evening at Orchardview. Please sign the attendance – last column. Indicate if you can drive a group, or if you need a ride.  Click on this link for details:   Poster for April 6 Guide Dogs Event by TBA Jazz Band ONHB

Concert  –   Sunday, April 14  (afternoon, at Woodroffe United Church)

Rehearsal Notes for Feb. 25, 2019

Hi All,

What team work!  We had no rehearsal on Feb. 18, and a few musicians were absent this week and missed out on meeting the sweetest 20-month-old guide-dog-to-be (Thanks to Pat for bringing in Pavel to listen to us!)  We all pulled together to make the music work. I am especially pleased at how the solos are coming along, – they are challenging!   The band played through:

Shades of Gray, Feelin’ Good, Mixed Bag, Caravan, It Don’t Mean a Thing, ‘Round Midnight (first half of piece), All My Lovin’.

These are coming along nicely.  We noted places where the rhythm needs to be tidied so that the entries are clean and harmonies line up, especially observing silence (rests) accurately. For example, when you come in on the “and” of beat 1, it is a challenge to get in exactly on the “and” (or “off beat”).  This trips many of us up!  The most exposed examples are in Mixed Bag, so saxes need to check entries in m79, m 83, m 87, but do it in the context of the whole phrase.… sing the whole phrase after listening to it on the link.

Hot Tip 1: Tank up (your abdomen expands and your belt gets tight) and get air pressure on the mouthpiece, then get in right after beat 1.

Hot Tip 2: “If you can sing it, you can play it”.

An excellent way to check your rhythmic interpretation is to listen to each piece while reading the music, instrument in hand, and try “air band”- pretend to play it with the recording.  (If you actually play, you will not hear the rhythm and be able to tell where your own interpretation is a bit off). You don’t need to do the fingering necessarily, but sing your part in your mind as you listen. Next, over the course of the next couple of weeks (while doing chores?), listen again and again and sing your part along with it. Finally, when you have it, keep singing it over and over as you walk the dog, fold laundry, etc.

Monday, March 4 Music (in order):

Shades of Gray (four new soloists- every musician started out like this… – one note solos are great!), Mixed Bag, Stay Cool, break, Feelin’ Good, Caravan, Moondance, All My Lovin’  (pieces from last term are optional for January Joiners- play where you can)

Please read these important notices:

From Al (trombone) Here are two web sites where band members, if they wish, can practise identifying intervals and full chords by ear.  

Thank you for sharing this, Al! Identifying intervals is a key skill to developing confidence in both improvisation and reading music. What a great way to practice this important skill! If anyone else has recommendations for online tools, books, or jazz bands to go and hear, you can share it with us here. That reminds me  – I heard on CBC that The Commotions (with leader Brian Asselin of ONHB fame) is playing this Saturday. They are fantastic! Get tickets online ($15 each), as they will probably sell out before Saturday evening. Black Sheep Inn (Auberge Mouton Noir ) Wakefield, PQ.


March is here, with more sunshine and longer days ahead! However, if weather is threatening, check the website 3 -4 hours beforehand to see if rehearsal is cancelled before venturing out.


Once again – DON’T MISS THE TBA JAZZ SOCIAL EVENT- We are reserving tables for JJB musicians! ONHB’s Two Beats Ahead Jazz Band will be performing an annual fund raiser for Canada Guide Dogs at beautiful Orchardview.  It is the perfect chance to hear some great jazz, socialize, and dance if you like.  So far, we have 7 signed up and going, and several considering it.  Carpooling is advised, since Orchardview is in Greely, a 25 minute drive south from Brookfield HS. Follow this link to see details:         TBA April Fundraiser-Social Jazz  Poster

Winter Session Repertoire Links (our 3-4 favourites will be performed on April 14)

Feeling Good

Mixed Bag

All My Lovin’


Darker Shade of Gray (Jazz book)

Continue enjoying our “super challenge” piece-

Round Midnight

Review (for performance April 1 – new members may choose one to learn – or all- play what you can)

It Don’t Mean a Thing

So What


Stay Cool

Ain’t Misbehavin’

Into the Sun