30 Nov 17

Greetings RC,
What a great rehearsal yesterday! We are sounding fabulous BUT don’t forget there is always room for polish, so try to find time to do some practice this week.
Things to remember:
1. Do not put anything in the staff room next week. Put all your things in the music room or the small practice rooms. We will rehearse on the stage.
2. There is a lot of percussion on the stage already. Extras will need to be moved in from the music room. Chairs will need to be set up. If you can arrive at 6 to help, that would be great.
3. We have 2 volunteers to introduce Sousa and Bach. We need 2 more for Hallelujah and Sleigh Ride.
4. We will be rehearsing then running the programme pieces, so we hear what they sound like in the new space.
5. Email us with any questions.
Cheers, AB