3 Feb 18

Well done to those who braved the roads and no worries to those who didn’t come out. It took some people until 7.30 to get to Brookfield!
Next week:
1. Same sectionals, same rooms. Hopefully with everyone and on time, but this is Ottawa and it’s still February!
2. Don’t forget to make a list of the things you want to go over. This can also include instrument/music general questions. This is the time to pick your sectional leaders brains!
3. We ended up with half a band, so did not get to rehearse Pirates and Rock Out in the second half. We will therefore do that next week.
4. Don’t forget to bring all your music in case we run the pieces for The Perley. Last night we worked on Strangers and Hold Your Hand. 
For those of you who want to practise those two pieces at home and want to know what we worked on remember the following: 
-The only swing rhythm is in Strangers in the dotted rhythms. Regular 1/8’s are straight. If you don’t have any dotted rhythms, you don’t have to worry! 
-Wherever you have a long note tied to an 1/8, you can forget about the 1/8 and breathe on the beat to help you keep in time and help you not be late in afterwards.
-Usual reminders about doing a dim on long notes hold here.
Cheers, AB and GT