29 Oct 17

Greetings RC,
A couple of news items/reminders and notes for this coming wednesday.
1. Starting this week we will have just the music room and staff room for our use. Feel free to use the staff room for cases etc and at break. 
2. Remember to wipe your feet well if the rain continues, so you don’t track lots of wet into the music room.
3. Remember we need to let the back row get into their space. We will make sure all the large brass instruments have stands in front of their chairs, so they only have to deal with instruments and music. Front rows: if there is not a stand for you, please get one from the stage or a practice room, not the back row!
Now that sectionals are over for the term we thought it was a good idea to run through ALL the music we have worked on. 
1st Half – Gordon will run:
Time Warp
Belle of Chicago
Sleigh Ride
Festival Prelude
2nd Half – Angela will run:
Sousa Scramble
Ash Grove
See you on Wednesday,