26 Jan 18 (recordings)

Great work on Wednesday! Keep up the attention to detail in your practising.
Thank you for remembering indoor shoes. The stage was spotless when we left!
Next week.
First half clinics as follows:
Trumpets in room 110 with Trevor
Lower brass, bassoons and bass in room 112 with Jack
Flutes and oboe in room 114 with
Clarinets and saxes in staff room with Angela
Percussion on stage with Natalie
Horn…you may join in with whichever group you like!
Remember, there is a group using rooms 111 and 115. If they are in one of our rooms, just switch. There should be enough chairs in each room for you to fit at the front near the desk. The closest extra chairs are in the space in front of the library. If we end up needing a dolly of chairs, let me know.
Second half Angela will be working on the first half of Pirates and running Rock Out. Gordon is unfortunately otherwise engaged for the next two weeks.
Altos…please cut and paste the new sax section into your Pirates part. If anyone can send Ann a copy that would be great. If not I will copy at the break.
Cheers, GT and AB
From this year’s repertoire:
I’m afraid I haven’t found audio for our arrangements of:
Olympic Fanfare and Theme, Strangers in the Night and I Want to Hold Your Hand

For Perley only:

Festival Prelude

Sousa Scramble

The Time Warp