24 Feb 2017

Greetings Rideau Cadences,
As we move into the second half of our term, a couple of things to note:
1. Thanks again for engaging with democracy! Please vote if you haven’t already (links in last week’s note)
2. If it turns out that Kiwanis is on our dress rehearsal night, do not worry! Firstly, we know how much space we have on the stage at DC and where we will be sitting, so that is not a problem. The New Horizons policy is we get 10 rehearsals, with an 11th as an extra if weather etc permits. As long as we don’t have a weather cancellation in march, we will have had our 10 rehearsals. Also, if timing permits we may be able to play Kiwanis and have a short rehearsal at DC!
3. We will pick 9 or 10 pieces for the Perley with a show of hands. As a memory refresher next week we will be playing:
Happy Wanderer
String of Pearls
Saints Hallelujah
Jazz police (from Jazz It Up)
4. You will soon receive an email with the latest (final) version of Stan Rogers. Note: we will not be rehearsing this next week.
5. In case you’re wondering, Kiwanis is still at Ridgemont HS (same as last year). If it’s early or late enough that we can rehearse at DC we should be able to park at DC and ride share.
Cheers, GT and AB