23 Sep 17

Greetings RC,
What a splendid first rehearsal! Some excellent sightreading. More of the same next week so we have had a chance to read through most of the pieces before we start sectionals.
A few things to remember:
1. Cases…Feel free to leave your cases and extras in the staffroom…no valuables though as the school is open to other groups. 
2. Music Stands…There are not quite enough stands in the music room for everyone. Those with large instruments who need to make 2 journeys to get in place, or those who take the bus can leave their stands at home. Those with small instruments, please bring a stand just in case. 
3. Towels…if you need to empty your instrument, please bring a towel with you.
4. Break…please bring whatever you wish to eat or drink with you and consume it at the break in the staff room.
5. Band rep…please think about giving some time for this position.
Thank you for your patience on Wednesday. It always takes time to settle into a new location, to find our way around, to deal with the heat! We hope to be up and running a little more smoothly week 2. We hope to be there at 6 to move chairs onto the risers before you sit down. If you can help with that, be there at 6. If not, 6.10 is fine.
Cheers, AB and GT