21 Oct 17

Greetings RC,
The rehearsals just keep getting better! The attention to detail is very impressive and we are glad that the sectionals have achieved so much. Please remember to give us your feedback on all the sectionals, including the ones we both run! We want to provide the best tuition possible, so we are totally ok with all feedback, including anything you are unhappy about!
Next week will be combined sectionals for the first hour as follows:
All brass on the stage with Gordon.
All woodwinds, percussion and bass guitar in the music room with Angela.
2nd half:
Angela will work on the Dixie sections of 5’2″, then run it. If time, she will do the opening of Pirates, up to bar 55.
Gordon will work on Belle of Chicago (see other note with details) and Albinoni.
Please remember to be careful at break when the brass (mostly the back row) will need to get into their seats. We will be moving some of the chairs and stands out of the way to make access easier, so flutes (you have nice small instruments!) will be asked to move their things to the main table until the brass are set up. Thanks flutes!
GT and AB