Rehearsal Notes: January 8 2018

Dear TBA,
Welcome Back!
First of all, extremely delighted to see you back at it on day 1! Warm welcome to Manny Villanueva, Eric Brooks, Marjorie Snider and Sarah Jaleel. We are grateful and honoured that you are joining us and I hope you have a blast!

FYI, this is the setlist for the February gig. Last night we rehearsed the pieces highlighted in light red. Please review these. Next week, we will focus on the pieces highlighted in yellow.

2. Registration: I have been asked to remind you about the Winter session registration fee. Jamie will gently remind you if you haven’t made your payment. Jamie seems like a gentle soul but he can be mean and nasty…

Jamie when he’s angry…

3. Capital Region MusicFest:

Please keep in mind that the potential repertoire for CRMF is:

Swing Style: Better Keep it in your Soul or Tribute to Miles
Latin: A trip fo Loreto or Sabor de Cuba
Ballad: A Child is Born

Personally, I would favour the new Latin and swing charts but I’m easy!

Capital Region MusicFest Confirmation Dates (Yup, this will definitely everyone’s bedtime!!!)

  • Date: Friday March 2
  • Location: Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School, 149 Berrigan Dr, Nepean
  • Time:
    • Arrival @ 9 pm
    • Warmup @ 9:30 pm
    • Performance @ 10pm
    • Clinic @ 10:30 to 11pm